The home- and community-based services (HCS) program promotes and maintains consumer and family involvement in providing individualized program development and community support services for individuals with an intellectual disability. The HCS program is a Medicaid waiver program and provides services and supports to eligible individuals as an alternative to intermediate care placement.

​An individual must have a determination of intellectual disability or a related condition, Medicaid and SSI eligibility, and their Plan of Care must meet program guidelines.

How to obtain this service?

​Your Local Intellectual and Developmental Disability Authority (LIDDA) will assist you in determining eligibility and completing the paperwork so that you may receive HCS services.

​When there is a wait list for HCS services, stay in touch with LIDDA to be contacted when an opening becomes available.

LIDDA will provide a list of service providers from which you can choose to visit.

If you are currently receiving HCS services from any service provider and are unsatisfied with the services, contact your local LIDDA to discuss transfer options.

Residential Components

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